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Lito Sora Electric Motorcycle

Posted on by popadmin

While many car companies are jumping on the “green tip,” Lito is fully immersing itself into being green with its Sora Electric Motorcycle that takes styling cues from Bobber and Street Fighter bikes and a 100 percent electric superbike. Built from the ground-up as an electric superbike, the Sora actually comes with the world’s first electric motorcycle seat that let’s passengers ride in a low position on the highway, then move the seat higher for more aggressive riding. It also includes an integrated GPS system and touch screen, high-quality suspension components, a regenerative braking system, an on-board charging port and sealed, lockable storage compartment, carbon fiber fairing and an aluminum chassis.

Another cool feature is its patented Safe Range System. With this revolutionary application, you will never experience range anxiety. Just set your destination the Sora will manage the amount of energy to get you there. Its powerful electric motor and CVT transmission also allows you to experience the power of going from 0-60 in roughly four seconds on its way to a top speed of 120 mph.

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